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Scenario: You want to format a number so it uses a comma for a number seporator. How can this be done? With CFReplace of course.

answer CFReplace("10000000000","000",",000","","kCFCompareBackwards","kCFCompareAnchored")

That was simple enough. But now for the syntax.


CFReplace(<theString>,<searchString>,<replaceString>,[<Range(ie: 10,20)>][,<compareFlag1>,<compareFlag2>...])

The Params:

theString - This is the string you want to perform the replace on.

searchString - The string to replace.

replaceString - The string to use instead of the searchString.

Range - This is a range to preform the replace on. For example, 1,10 means replace the searchString with the replace string on chars 1 thru 10 of theString. If you want to replace the entire contents just enter empty quotes for this param. ""

compareFlag1..2… - The following is a list of acceptable compareFlags that can be used with this external.
  • kCFCompareCaseInsensitive
  • kCFCompareBackwards
  • kCFCompareNonliteral
  • kCFCompareAnchored
  • kCFCompareNumerically
  • kCFCompareLocalized
  • default
You can combine them in the next 12 params to customise the way this external searches through the text to perform the replace.