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Send registration information directly from SuperCard via email. Create a contact form for use in your projects. Send RTF emails directly from your SuperCard projects. HTML? Not a problem with this email external.

There is no limit of what you can easily do with this email external. Forget about Headers, it's in there. Forget about plain text emails when you can send RTF emails.


get CocoaMail(<theCmd>,<theMessage>,<theSubject>,<to>,[<from>],[<theAttachmentPath>],[<theHeaders>])


  • theCmd A valid command is one of the following:
    text: sends a simple ASCII text message the required parameters are; theMessage, theSubject and to.
    textWithAttach: Sends an ASCII text message with an attachment.
    HTML: Sends an HTML formatted email.
    HTMLWithAttach: Same as above but include an attachment.
    RTF: send a Rich Text Formatted email. Use the put the rtftext of card field 1 into theMessage.
    RTFWithAttach: Sends an RTF email with an attachment.
  • theMessage This parameter is the body of your email to be sent.
  • theSubject The Subject of your email.
  • to The email address you are sending the message to. This can be a list of more than one separated by commas.
  • From This is the from email address.
  • TheAttachmentPath A Mac OS file path to the file you want to attach. It must be colon separated path such as, Mac HD:MyFile
  • theHeaders If you want to add a header or change a header, other than the ones generated for the type of email you are sending.

The returned value is placed in the variable 'it' and will contain "Email Sent!" if the email was sent without an error. It will contain "Error: Email not sent!" if there was an error.

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